Discover Cameo

Cameo History

Welcome to the historic island Saint Sostis- Cameo

Cameo is a small private located at the gulf of Lagana close to the harbor of Saint Sostis at Zakynthos island. 

The area was named after Saint Sostis’ chapel there. Before 1622 Saint Sostis was a real cape, shown in Venetian maps. On May 5th 1622 the cape was destroyed due to an earthquake. About 10 years later, at 1633, the destruction was completed and Cameo island was born. 

Nobody paid any attention to this small piece of land, but visitors wanted to get there. So, after some time a bridge was created to connect the rock with the island of Zante! So,today the island is branded along with its exotic bridge! Welcome to Cameo and explore its bridge!

Cameo Bridge

Cameo’s bridge is the unofficial trademark of Cameo. Completely handmade, offering the visitor an experience only by walking it across the island. it gives the essence of freedom, as seen in pictures from friends around the world. The bridge is found in puzzles, posters, wall paintings, screensavers and facebook cover pics, and of course instagram! 

Cameo Location

Cameo is located in the center of Laganas Bay, from where you can enjoy a full view of the area. Also, around the bay you can clean, no rocks, soft sand, safe for kids as you can walk several meters 150m until you cannot stand anymore. Go swimming, snorkeling and if you are lucky – you will also spot some turtles.

Laganas Bay by itself is the most cosmopolitan and developed area of Zakynthos. Moreover, since it is the place of Caretta – Caretta reproduction as well, everyone around the area is environmentally responsible and sensitive as well. From Cameo you can enjoy the view at Laganas’ islands, Marathonisi and Pelluzo.

Laganas islands

Marathonissi is a small island in the bay of Laganas, opposite the shore of Keri with lush vegetation. 

You can also get it by private boat or by one of the small boats starting from Keri, Laganas or Saint Sostis as well. For many it is considered as a paradise under the protection of the National Marine Park. There are two beaches there, where you can swim around sea turtles (if you are lucky!). 

Pelluzo is located in Laganas, two naval miles from Daphne beach. Pelluzo belongs to the National Marine Park, as the rest of Laganas physical evidence.