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The island of Cameo is located in the mediterranean island of Zante in Greece. Cameo is famous for its identity, as its wooden bridge connects it with the historical port of Saint Sostis, at the protected gulf of Laganas.  There, the protected sea turtle Caretta – Caretta lives, under the environmental guidelines of National Marine Park, since 1999. The location is idyllic also for the close to Cameo islands of Marathonisi and Pelluzo. The gulf area is surrounded by crystal clear sea water with many turtles and different species of fish, making it an ideal place for kids and families. Especially for Cameo, it is being selected as a top-destination for marriages and events for many years, combining physical environment with privacy. Hope you love your visit here! 


The-bridge-only private island in the mediterranean!

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  • In my opinion, a must see. There’s a beautiful view on the marathonisi island and you can go turtle spotting on your own as they are near the beach on the island.

    Damian P.
  • Very relaxing and enjoyable!!! The mood on the island is friendly and cool!! Very nice spot for caretta caretta turtle!! We recommend that place.

    Fotini Z.
  • We got married here 5 years ago. We just had to go back.

    Luke T.

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